Data Protection

PaydayPot works hard to ensure that it is complying with federal and state laws regarding data protection and privacy, including privacy laws such as the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (2003). The law regarding personal data protection in the United States is complex, and to go into detail would go beyond the subject of this post. The basic idea is that we are permitted to keep your data for a certain amount of time, and we must be certain to ensure its security. It is also important to only use the information for the reason we collected it unless we request your permission and get your permission in order to make use of it for any other motives.

In simple words, your personal information is secure at our site. When you fill out the form to apply for a loan, the information you provide on the form will be used only to determine your eligibility for a loan and to reach you. There is absolutely no other purpose.

One consequence is that we will never, ever sell your personal data to a third party without your express consent. We recognize that the data provided when you apply for loans may be sensitive. Therefore, it is important to be aware that the information you give us stays with us until you grant permission to alter it or use it. When you give the information to us, it won’t be used without your knowledge.

Standard Policies

Another common policy enforced on our company by the law stipulates that none of our employees is allowed to create copies of your personal information unless there is an underlying reason. The only legitimate reason is the ones that are essential to perform the service you’ve asked for us. If there isn’t a valid reason to create copies of your personal information, then we won’t. It’s as easy as this.

We also consider our security for your personal information extremely seriously, and all of our files are secured by industry-standard computer security systems. This means that the possibility that the security system we use is attacked by an attack, we’ve implemented every precaution to ensure that your data remains secure. The financial services industry as a whole is very aware of the importance of the data we manage on a daily basis. This firm is in full compliance with industry norms in terms of security on computers.

Privacy Concerns

If you have privacy concerns and want to know more about our policies on how your personal information is treated, you are free to reach out to an agent from our Customer Service department, who will be happy to give you the information you require. We take privacy issues seriously and are constantly looking to solve the issues of our customers or those who inquire. Please feel at ease to reach us for more details on our computer security plans. Support is available 24 hours all week long and the most convenient method to contact us is through using the online form available on this website.