We Provide Streamlined Financial Services.

PaydayPot is licensed and assessed through the Department of Corporations, founded by Torben A. Carlsen, permitted by the Department of Justice, and operates in accordance with California law. PaydayPot is engaged in setting up, buying, and operating stores that offer streamlined financial services such as delayed deposits as well as check cashing money orders, wire transfers, and other related services. We are proud of the speedy approval of loans. We’ve been working on our online application process to ensure that it is quicker. For some of our services, you might not need to visit our locations.

We’re Here to Serve.

We cater to people of every kind of lifestyle. There isn’t a “typical” Payday Advance or loan client since they are from a broad array of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We are aware that it may sometimes be difficult to request or even make an application for loans, and that’s why we’ve taught our employees to be warm and welcoming.

Your Privacy Matters.

Additionally, we are a direct lender. At present, many payday businesses will offer your personal details to third-party lenders, which leaves you with a variety of loan options offered by different solicitors. We will not offer your personal information to anyone else or share it with any other business or organization. If you submit an application for credit from PaydayPot Loans, you will receive a response only from committed Citrus north employees.


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Loans Writer at PaydayPot | Website

Krystel is a PaydayPot personal finance writer. She is a freelance personal finance writer located in Dallas. She is interested in writing about all kinds of personal finance issues such as mortgages, debt or student loans, auto financing, and personal loans. In the past, Krystel worked in search engine optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing for a major home improvement business. When she's not working on her computer, Krystel can be found working as a volunteer or trying out new coffee places.

Loans Writer at PaydayPot | Website

Gemma Elizabeth Donalds is a loans editor for the PaydayPot team. She is dedicated to helping customers make informed decisions about their finances regardless of whether they are trying to locate the most extensive payday loans or the best emergency loan for their specific needs. In her spare time, Gemma Elizabeth prefers to be a phonographist, cranking old records on an antique phonograph and discussing how blockchain technology could change the way people manage their finances.